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Albury Wodonga Garage Doors offer a large selection of quality safety and accessibility features to suit almost any design or application requirement. We have a solution to suit your needs, guaranteed!

  • Garage Safety

    As the largest and often the most used entrance to your home, it’s crucial that you consider safety, security and integrity when choosing your garage door and accessories. When your garage door is shut, it doesn’t necessarily mean it is locked. As Australia’s largest and most experienced garage door solution provider, B&D Garage Doors and Openers will contribute to bolstering and securing your home.

    Albury Wodonga Garage Doors supply a range of different safety and security options to lock and secure your garage. From remote controls to Auto-Lock, the B&D range of garage safety accessories should be an integral part of your garage door.

    The B&D Auto-Lock is a heavy-duty bolt that engages automatically when the garage door is shut. This fuss-free mechanism prevents your door from being forced open and can only be released with a compatible B&D opener.

    For families on the go and different schedules to manage, sometimes the garage door is accidentally left open. Take the anxiety of wondering whether you actually pressed the button to close your garage out of the equation and consider installing an opener with Smart Phone Control capability. Open and close your garage door from anywhere, plus, be alerted if your garage door is opened or left open for a long period of time.

    Garage doors are heavy-duty, which is why all B&D garage door openers have two key safety features built-in, Automatic Reverse and Automatic Backdrive. These two features are designed to protect the door and any objects that may lay in its path from damage or injury. As soon as your garage door hits an obstruction, the opener will immediately pause and reverse. Automatic Backdrive is designed to drive the door closed if forced open.

    The B&D Tri-Tran+ remote control range uses technology that ensures advanced security, high operating range and reliable operation. Our remotes are lightweight and encrypted with technology that protects against code grabbing devices.

    Tri-Tran+ Premium Remote Control (TB6)

    This is our premium remote control offering, with a robust and sleek design. This device protects from interference and can control multiple devices at once.

    Wall Mount with Extra Large Buttons

    With extra large buttons, this wireless wall mount remote control is perfect for the interior of your property.

    Wall Mount Remote Control

    This classic Wall Mount sits inside your property, allowing for remote door control with Tri-Tran+ technology.

    Entry Keypad

    Perfect for a busy family, this pin pad remote control allows you to enter the garage without a transmitter. Enter your property with a simple pin.

    Combo Access Device

    If your garage door is the only entry point to your property, this combination access device is perfect for peace of mind that you will still be able to get inside if the power is out.

    Emergency Key Release

    The emergency key release is recommended for a property when the garage door is the only entry point. This release will allow you to manually open your garage door if the power is out.

    Wall/Visor Remote Control Clips

    Want to mount your remote control? These clips are designed for you to mount your control wherever suits you.

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    Albury Wodonga Garage Doors have over 20 years of experience in the area. We have built a strong reputation for great customer service, quality workmanship and friendly staff. Contact our team today to find out more about our garage safety accessories. 

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