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Gate Openers

Albury Wodonga Garage Doors has a large selection of quality residential doors to suit almost any design or application requirement. We have a solution to suit your needs, guaranteed!

  • Sliding Gate Openers

    NeoSlider NES-24

    The NeoSliderTM range combines clever electronics and robust mechanics to make residential sliding gate automation simple. It features a variety of operating modes, keyed lockout, numerous inputs to interfacing with devices such as intercoms, and options for battery back-up and solar.

    This is the gate opener that has it all. Tough weather resistant housing, intelligent features such as Soft Start/Soft Stop and Gate Profiling, Auto Close, Service Indicator, Pedestrian and Vacation Modes, as well as Keyed Lockout System.

    In addition, it has a suite of controlling inputs to interface with intercoms, loop detectors and other auxiliary devices. You can also upgrade to Battery Backup, SmartSolarTM and a Courtesy Light to give you peace of mind.

  • Swing Gate Openers

    Elite SGO-1

    A proven design that has endured for over 15 years, the performance and strength of the EliteTM SGO-1 has made it an industry icon. This unassuming looking opener features a powerful DC motor, robust gearing, articulated arms for smooth operation, and configurability with 2, 3 or 5 wire installs.

    The Elite® SGO-1 is tough, weather-resistant and built for Australian conditions. At its heart is a powerful DC motor linked to a robust, low maintenance gearbox. This power is transferred to the articulated drive arms, which offer smooth operation and reduced stress on the entire installation.

    Rounding out this reliability mix are highly effective micro-switch limits that reduce complication and enhance longevity. When paired with our DCB-05TM Control System it provides a host of operating modes and variations in performance to suit your needs.

  • Gate Control System

    DCB-05 Gate Control System

    The DCB-05TM provides superior control for your gate opener system. Perfectly paired with our SGO-1v4 Elite®, and adaptable to any 2, 3 or 5 wire gate opener, it offers numerous operating modes with a LCD menu system, an array of controlling input and outputs and options for battery backup and solar.

    Capable of single of dual gate control, the DCB-05TM offers a variety of controlling inputs to interface with varying items, such as intercoms, and loop detectors. The DCB-05TM also offers clever technologies such as Auto Close, service reminders, Pedestrian Mode and Intelligent Safety System regardless of install type.

    Through its LCD menu system your installation professional can access significant variable set-up options, such as motor drive speeds, delay timers, obstruction margins, and trigger functions, all to ensure your system runs perfectly.

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